World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) takes place each year on 21st March. This year’s theme is “End the Stereotypes”.

This global awareness day serves as a reminder of the challenges individuals with Down syndrome face due to stereotypes. Stereotypes are harmful. They create barriers, fuel discrimination, and perpetuate misunderstandings. Let’s dismantle these misconceptions together by shedding light on the truth behind some common stereotypes:

1. People with Down syndrome are always happy
Individuals with Down syndrome experience a full spectrum of emotions. They feel happiness, sadness, frustration, and everything in between.

2. People with Down syndrome cannot learn or develop
Individuals with Down syndrome are fully capable of learning and development throughout their lives. With proper support and education, they can achieve significant milestones and lead fulfilling lives.

3. People with Down syndrome are all the same
Every individual with Down syndrome is unique, in their personalities, abilities, and interests. Just like any other group, they vary widely in their talents, preferences, and strengths.

4. People with Down syndrome cannot live independently
While some may require support, many individuals with Down syndrome can live independently or semi-independently with the right resources and assistance.

5. People with Down syndrome cannot have successful careers or relationships
Many individuals with Down syndrome have thriving careers, maintain meaningful relationships, get married, and become parents.

Advantage Accreditation recognises the importance of challenging these stereotypes and fostering an inclusive society. We are committed to providing training and resources to support organisations in promoting diversity, equality and inclusion.

People with Down syndrome usually will typically have some level of learning disability. If you’re interested in delivering training on Learning Disability within your organisation, please contact Advantage Accreditation.