The Soteria Group

We are very happy to share our news. Advantage Accreditation has partnered with The Soteria Group, bringing together cutting-edge expertise and specialised educational services.

CPD Accreditation and Course Offerings

The Soteria Group has received CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accreditation through Advantage. This allows the group to offer CPD-accredited events and courses, further solidifying their commitment to providing top-tier educational experiences.

These courses include a Remote Vehicle Incident Course, Team Leader Course, and Disaster Response Emergency Care course, all designed to equip learners with the skills to handle challenging situations with confidence.

Consultancy on Learning Materials

In addition to its role as a CPD centre, The Soteria Group will consult on Advantage Accreditation’s First Aid, Medication, and Fire Safety learning materials. These resources are accessible to our accredited training centres, ensuring that they receive the latest and most comprehensive educational content available.

If you are interested in gaining access to these materials, please contact Advantage.

About The Soteria Group

Based in the South East, The Soteria Group delivers exceptional rescue, medical, and specialised training services across the UK and internationally. Their team of highly qualified instructors brings decades of experience, covering various roles in fire service, urban search and rescue, international search and rescue, and critical care paramedic positions.

The group actively engages in research projects and adopts the latest technologies to stay at the forefront of their field. With two MBE awardees among their experts, they boast a wealth of knowledge that sets them apart in the industry.

A Fusion of Expertise

We are excited about this collaboration and the prospect of applying The Soteria Group’s wealth of experience to our learning materials. If you deliver our First Aid and Fire Safety materials, keep an eye on your inbox. We are conducting a thorough audit of these resources in the coming months.