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We provide quality assurance and ongoing support to help you save time, reduce costs and demonstrate your commitment to outstanding training.

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All of our accredited courses count towards Continuing Professional Development

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Our team specialises in health and social care accreditation, helping organisations provide their own in-house accredited training

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We have a vast portfolio of original training courses available for our approved centres to use

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Whether you're working within an organisation or going it alone, we can help you gain valuable skills through our Train the Trainer course

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We keep up-to-date with a range of industries and sectors to provide you with valuable information

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Welcome to Advantage Accreditation

Advantage Accreditation is an accreditation body specialising in CPD and health and social care. We support care organisations and training providers to deliver nationally recognised training programmes in line with our quality standards and assessments.

At Advantage,  we can accredit your own course content, or you can utilise accredited educational resources mapped to national frameworks and quality standards. Through our accreditation process, we can verify your in-house trainers to become accredited across various subjects by evidencing their knowledge and competence. This enables them to deliver accredited training, assess learners and issue official certification through our dedicated portal system.

Bespoke Accreditation

We can accredit your own learning materials or give you access to our educational resources, building an accreditation package around your needs

Quality Assurance

Receive support and CPD updates from our Curriculum Team, providing quality assurance for the CQC and your clients.

Accreditation Portal

Register your learners through our portal that tracks, records and produces official certificates and training records.

How Advantage Accreditation Works

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Trusted, Flexible Accreditation

Advantage Accreditation - supporting training

Becoming an Advantage accredited centre means you will be able to deliver nationally recognised courses mapped to the latest standards and regulations.

Since we can accredit either your own bespoke courses or give you access to accredited learning resources, you get the flexibility to provide training when and where required to small or large groups. We can also help reduce your training costs by improving the quality of training and streamlining your administrative processes.

Added Features of our Accreditation

Our accreditation is full of added benefits. You will receive access to our online Accreditation Portal that registers, tracks, records and produces official certification and training records, reducing your administrative costs. Further, you can create dual-branded certificates to issue to learners.

As an accredited centre, you will also get quality assurance from our Curriculum Team, with CPD updates, content updates, and tailored advice and support. Plus, we can help health and social care organisations improve their CQC ratings by auditing and improving their training systems.

Advantage Accreditation - supporting care organisations to deliver their own training

Plus Even More Support

Accredited Learning Materials

Get access to our portfolio of accredited courses in a range of subjects, designed by our curriculum team and ready to go to meet your requirements.

Train the Trainer

Upskill your trainers with the latest knowledge and best practices with our Train the Trainer courses in a variety of mandatory, core and specialist subjects.

Send us an enquiry

Advantage Accreditation can build an accreditation package and pricing built around your needs. The benefits of our accreditation include:

Access to comprehensive educational resources and material
Bespoke accreditation for approving your own course content
Accreditation portal that tracks, records and produces official certification and training records
Dual branded certificates
Quality assurance through our curriculum team
Support to improve your CQC rating
Deliver tailored training specific to the organisation
Content updates and CPD updates