CPD in the Legal Sector

As regulations and legislation are everchanging, it is crucial that all employees within the legal sector stay up-to-date at all times. The legal sector also sees frequent changes in standards of practice. To meet these standards, law professionals need to grow skills through personal development as well as growing knowledge through informative courses.

The requirements for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the legal sector depend on specific roles. All UK solicitors must complete 16 hours of CPD per year, including at least 4 hours in an accredited training course. Barristers must complete 12 hours of CPD per year, while newly qualified barristers must complete 45 hours of CPD in their first three years. The Institute of Paralegals requires members to complete 12 hours of CPD per year. Legal executives must complete 8-16 hours of CPD annually. All licensed conveyancers must take part in 12 hours of accredited CPD courses.

Examples of CPD courses in the legal sector include:
Get to Grips with Personal Independence Payment
Private Client: Wills & Probate
UK Employment Law
Navigating Adverse Outcomes
Health & Safety Leadership

The cost of courses adds up very quickly. If you are a member of the legal sector, and you are required to provide CPD for your employees, creating your own accredited courses can save you huge amounts of money. Plus, you’ll be able to provide in-house training tailored to y If you’re interested, please contact Advantage Accreditation. our company. If you’re interested, please contact Advantage Accreditation.