SCIE makes the case for intermediate care

Old and young lady - Advantage Accreditation

The Social Institute for Excellence has published a new highlights paper on how intermediate care can deliver better outcomes for people in care.

The report has found that effective intermediate care reduces pressure on hospitals and on social care settings. For example, it has found that 72% of people who received intermediate care did not move into a more dependent care setting, and 70% who received intermediate care after a hospital stay returned home.

Intermediate care is designed to treat people to prevent the need to go into hospital or care. It is delivered prior to, or after a hospital stay, and aims to promote independence. Although it is not a new idea, it has received fresh attention with the drive to reduce pressure on the NHS and social care system.

However, it seems that there are a number of challenges to implementing intermediate care more widely, with the report citing effective leadership, integration, and unrealistic expectations. Of course, these seem to be challenges across the whole spectrum of health and social care.

What do you think about intermediate care? Do you think it is deserves more attention?


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