The Soteria Group

Innovations in Emergency Response

At Advantage Accreditation, we aim to keep ourselves and our centres up to date on the latest knowledge and innovations in a range of topics.

Our Operations Manager, Becky Morpeth, recently attended a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) day hosted by The Soteria Group.

The Soteria Group is an accredited training centre through Advantage. They specialise in advanced pre-hospital care and search and rescue. The CPD day offered a range of insights and practical learning from The Soteria Group’s experts.

Becky shared her thoughts on the day, saying, “The Soteria Group are at the forefront of Search and Rescue in the UK and Internationally, as a fairly new company their CPD day was informative and diverse, it was clear the edge their faculty has from being clinically current. It was a great showcase of the expertise they currently offer, what the future holds for them as a company and the future of Pre-Hospital treatment in the Search and Rescue field.”

Remote Vehicle Incident Management
One session of the day covered parts of the group’s Remote Vehicle Incident Management training. This included information on rescue operations and the cutting-edge tools used in these emergencies.

Innovation and Technology
Another session discussed the use of the latest technology in search and rescue. This includes the use of drone technology in emergency response.

Advantage Accreditation is proud to work in partnership with The Soteria Group. We share a vision to deliver the best possible training to see the best possible outcomes in emergencies.

We look forward to sharing with you our updated first aid and fire safety learning materials. These will be made available to our accredited training centres who deliver the relevant courses.

Earth Day

Earth Day: Our Sustainability Efforts

22nd April is Earth Day, a day when individuals and organisations reflect on our collective responsibility towards the environment. Earth Day provides an opportunity to review the actions we take to promote sustainability. At Advantage Accreditation, sustainability is a fundamental aspect of our operations.


Digital Solutions

We reduce the need for physical paperwork through digital solutions. Our accreditation portal, available to all our centres, streamlines registration, learner tracking, and certificate production. This significantly reduces the need for paper-based processes. The portal also helps our centres maximise efficiency in their admin. 


Reducing Travel

We provide the opportunity to accredit online courses for remote access to education, minimising travel for trainers and learners. This saves time and money while decreasing carbon emissions linked to commuting. 


Sustainability in Curriculum

We produce learning materials for our accredited training centres in ready-to-use course packages. Where possible, we incorporate some environmental awareness and sustainable practices in our course content. We encourage centres that develop original courses to do so too. 


We understand the importance of continually adapting our operations to promote sustainability further. Our goal is to keep ourselves updated with the latest sustainable practices and encourage organisations we accredit to do the same. 


Happy Earth Day!

Stress Reduction through Our Portal

Stress Reduction through Our Portal

April marks Stress Awareness Month when individuals and organisations pause to reflect on the impact of stress and explore ways to mitigate its effects.

We understand the importance of supporting well-being, in personal and professional environments. As we observe Stress Awareness Month, we’re proud to highlight how our innovative portal can reduce stress.

The Advantage Accreditation Portal provides efficiency and convenience in training management. Designed to simplify processes and enhance productivity, our platform offers multiple benefits that directly contribute to stress reduction.

Registration and Tracking
One of the key stressors in training management is the hassle of managing learner information. Our portal provides a user-friendly interface for registration of learners and tracking progress. Using a centralised platform reduces paperwork and streamlines admin tasks.

Automated Certificate Generation
Our portal automates the production of official certificates and training records with just a few clicks. Not only does this save valuable time and resources, but it also ensures accuracy and consistency, providing peace of mind for all involved.

Cost-Effective Solutions
Financial concerns can often exacerbate stress levels, particularly for organisations operating on tight budgets. Here, too, the Advantage Accreditation Portal offers relief. With a transparent pricing structure and access to additional resources through the Advantage Client Portal included in the membership fee, organisations can enjoy cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. This transparency and value ensure that financial worries need not add to the burden of accreditation processes.

Efficient Training Management
Our portal has an intuitive learner management system (LMS) that allows organisations to oversee training records. From scheduling sessions to tracking attendance and performance, our platform simplifies every aspect of training management.

Throughout Stress Awareness Month, let’s remember the role supportive tools play in reducing stress. By streamlining processes, automating tasks, and offering cost-effective solutions, our portal empowers organisations to thrive.

Contact us if you are interested in accessing our training management portal.