A step towards the Future of Care

Government to Invest £600 Million in Social Care Workforce

In December 2021, the UK government unveiled the “People at the Heart of Care” white paper. This promised significant funding for social care reform over three years. In April, they allocated £700 million, including £250 million for the social care workforce.


On 28th July, social care minister Helen Whatley announced plans to invest the remaining £600 million in social care over the next two years.


The Department of Health and Social Care will roll out £10 million for adult social care research. These initiatives will work alongside the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan.


Care workers are at the forefront of providing crucial services. The funding aims to recognise and support their essential work.


The social care sector welcomes these announcements. Martin Tett, County Councils Network, praised the decision to provide funding to councils. Beverley Tarka, Association of Directors of Adults Social Services, expressed gratitude for the government’s responsiveness. This funding will help stabilise the situation and address the challenges faced during the winter months.


The Department for Health and Social Care is also planning a series of initiatives to enhance digital skills. Plans include new eLearning courses in digital leadership for level five qualifications. Collaboration with the Local Government Association will strengthen digital confidence in local authorities. Efforts with the NHS Leadership Academy will create new opportunities to develop digital skills.


The funding represents a significant step towards the future of care. It is a move that will enhance the quality of care provided to vulnerable individuals. By supporting care workers, investing in digital skills, and planning for the future, the government is taking crucial steps to ensure a sustainable and effective social care workforce.


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