International day of education

How To Make Education More Inclusive

The International Day of Education takes place on 24th January 2024. This year’s theme is “learning for lasting peace,” emphasising the importance of education to address issues such as violence, discrimination and hate speech. At Advantage Accreditation, we agree that access to quality education is vital to address these issues, and we strive to improve the quality of education across the globe.

One of our many quality standards includes aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion in course materials. Our learning materials are carefully designed to be as inclusive as possible. In providing feedback on our centres’ original courses, we often encourage changes to content and learning methods. Some of these changes will be to make courses more inclusive and celebrate the diversity of learners.

Here are tips on how to make your courses more inclusive:

  • Include a wide range of perspectives
  • Use diverse media and examples
  • Make content accessible to learners with different ability levels
  • Prepare alternative learning methods for learners with additional needs (e.g. learning disabilities, visual impairment, etc.)
  • Accommodate for different learning styles (e.g. visual, auditory, kinaesthetic)
  • Use inclusive language that avoids assumptions
  • Create guidelines for respectful behaviour
  • Ask learners for feedback

Many other organisations are involved with the International Day of Education 2024. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) promotes education as a human right. On 24th January 2024 they will provide online training for teachers worldwide, helping educators create an inclusive and peaceful learning environment. UNESCO also emphasises the need for equal access to education worldwide.

The World Bank has highlighted the importance of early education and literacy. They have created campaigns to combat learning poverty and provide books and support for parents, especially in low-income countries.

By ensuring high-quality learning and development across the globe, we aim to contribute towards better education for all. If you are interested in gaining accreditation for your organisation, please contact Advantage Accreditation.

£75 Million to Train the Care Workforce

£75 Million to Train the Care Workforce

The UK government recently released plans to transform the domestic care workforce with a £75 million initiative. This is led by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), who intend to introduce a comprehensive national career structure, accredited qualifications, and improved training opportunities.

The Care Workforce Pathway is designed to develop the careers of those in adult social care roles. Over £50 million has been allocated to create a Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate qualification. This will equip care workers with the skills and knowledge they need to perform their roles and develop their careers. Of the remaining funds, £20 million will be invested in apprenticeships in social work and nursing. The government will also subsidise some training and develop a new digital leadership qualification.

This initiative aims to develop the skills of care workers in order to reduce turnover in the sector and attract fresh talent. Oonagh Smith, CEO of Skills for Care, has expressed support for the initiative, emphasising the importance of learning and development on workers’ skills and motivation.

At Advantage Accreditation, we are very happy to see the government invest in the skills of care workers. We specialise in providing accreditation for health and social care organisations. Our goal is to improve the quality of care and care workers’ career satisfaction by improving the quality of training in the UK. If you are interested in becoming an accredited centre to deliver training in-house and externally, please get in touch.

Change is coming to the UK care sector. Seize this opportunity to align yourself with these changes and demonstrate your commitment to learning and development.

Find Your Motivation 2024

How to Rediscover Your Motivation in 2024

Coming back to work after the Christmas break is a struggle for many of us. Festive tipples, presents and family time sounds much better than early mornings, commutes and spreadsheets. Maybe it’s time to rediscover your excitement for work. Here are some tips to fuel your motivation in 2024:

Embrace Change and Innovation:
This year, dive into the world of innovation. The rise of AI tools and improved technologies can make our work more efficient and more fun. Embrace change as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Invest in Yourself:
Develop your skills and knowledge through continuous learning. By investing in your professional development, you not only enhance your expertise but also bring fresh perspectives to your work. This commitment to growth is not just an investment in yourself but also in the success of your team.

Workplace Training and Development:
Advance your career forward by advocating for training and development initiatives within your workplace. By investing in comprehensive training programmes, you empower your team with the skills needed to conquer new challenges.

Bring Training In-House:
Take your commitment to development a step further by bringing accredited training in-house. This helps streamline the learning process and creates a culture of continuous improvement within your organisation. Imagine the impact of having tailor-made programs that directly address the unique challenges and opportunities your team faces daily.

Certify Your Success:
Achieving accreditation for in-house training programs is a badge of excellence. It showcases your commitment to professional development and enhances the credibility of your organisation. Certified training programmes attract top talent and signal that you are dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

This year, let’s transform the workplace into a hub of inspiration, growth, and success. Invest in your development and watch as your career soars to new heights in 2024!

What are your goals for 2024

Accredit Your Training in 2024

As we step into the new year, now is the perfect time to reflect on the goals of your organisation in 2024. Accreditation is the perfect way to set up for a year of growth, innovation, and recognition.

Commitment to Quality:
In 2024, make it your goal to uphold the highest standards of quality in your training programmes. The accreditation process ensures alignment with industry standards and signifies your dedication to excellence. This commitment builds trust among your learners and increases the value of your training.

Success through Support:
The accreditation journey is a collaborative effort. Our dedicated support team will guide you through every step of the accreditation process, from initial application to certification. We are here to ensure that your accreditation journey is smooth and successful.

Potential for Expansion:
Seize the opportunity to expand and diversify your training in 2024. Accrediting your courses with us provides your organisation with the tools to introduce new content. We offer a suite of ready-to-use courses in a broad range of topics.

Time Management and Cost Reduction:
Your time is a precious resource. Our approach is designed to save time and reduce costs without compromising on quality.

The beginning of a new year provides you with the perfect opportunity to invest in your organisation. Contact us to get started and prepare for a year of transformative achievements.