Restraint Reduction Network: Advantage pledges its support

Restraint Reduction Network Pledge

Advantage Accreditation is delighted to announce its support for the Restraint Reduction Network. We have taken the “pledge” to help advance best practices and improve outcomes for those subject to restraint in health and social care environments.

The Restraint Reduction Network states that its mission is to:

“… reduce reliance on restrictive practices and make a real difference in the lives of people who use across education, health and social care services​.

We achieve this mission by sharing learning and developing quality standards and practical tools that support reduction. Our aim is to share learning and facilitate best practice and access to guidance that supports the minimisation of all restrictive and coercive practices:

Manual: Physical Restraint, Clinical Holding, Mechanical Restraint
Chemical: As Required Medication, Coerced Medication, Rapid Tranquillisation
Environmental: Low Stimulus or Segregation Area, Seclusion, Secure/Locked Facility
Psychosocial: Time Out, Restricted Leisure, Social or Occupational Activities, Electronic Tagging

Our work is steered by a cross sector Steering group that includes representation from experts by experience relevant professional bodies, regulators and government departments (and is chaired by Professor Joy Duxbury).”

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