At Advantage Accreditation, we provide our centres with a range of materials branded with our logo.

Approved Centre Logo
When an organisation becomes an Advantage Accredited training centre they can display our Approved Centre logo. It’s up to the individual organisation to decide where they will display this. Many of our centres use the logo on their websites, social media, and even printed signs at their venues.
This logo is designed to show your customers, learners, service users, and anyone else who may be interested that you are committed to high quality training. The Approved Centre logo shows you have completed the accreditation process and you provide externally verified training. This logo will set you apart from similar organisations hoping to provide training courses.

CPD Logo
Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) logo is available to all of our approved centres. It is especially popular among those who have designed their own courses and received bespoke accreditation through Advantage. Organisations may choose to display our CPD logo on their training resources, such as workbooks and presentation slides.
Marketing your courses as CPD accredited will appeal to the many people required to complete professional development each year. In the UK healthcare sector alone there are over 1.5 million people required to complete CPD.

We provide an online certification portal where centres can keep track of learners and print certificates directly. Each certificate features our Advantage Accreditation logo, providing our seal of approval. All certificates for CPD accredited courses prominently feature our CPD logo too.
Our certificates can be dual-branded to feature our logos as well as your own.

Access to these materials is just one of the benefits of accreditation. We offer a wide range of services to help you provide quality training and save you time and money. If you are interested in becoming an Advantage centre, please get in touch today.