Accreditation Process

How does accreditation work? What are your next steps? The information below will help you understand the process of becoming an accredited training centre with Advantage Accreditation. We recommend first reading our guidance on What is Accreditation? and Why get Accredited?

What are accreditation requirements? What are the accreditation standards?
We have our own criteria for centres, trainers and courses.

Do you have the necessary set up, processes and polices for training?
Do you have an appropriate equipment and space?
Is the environment up to safety standards?

Do you know who will be conducting training?
Are staff qualified to train others?
Do staff have enough specific subject knowledge?

Does the course provide learners with appropriate knowledge?
Does the course grow the learners’ skills?
Is the course well-presented? I.e. no typos or grammatical errors, high quality images, clear structure

Our team will support you through the various stages of accreditation.

How do you prepare for accreditation? How long does it take to prepare for accreditation?
To get started, make sure you have the right staff who are capable of conducting training. You may want to hire someone with teaching experience and qualifications, or train your existing staff.

Next, you can begin to plan and prepare a curriculum. This is not essential, as we provide our own Advantage accredited awards which you can use. If you are looking to create a new course, you will need to create the relevant learning resources. For example, a lesson plan, presentation slides, worksheets, etc.

Once this is all complete, you can sign up online here

This may take a few weeks or months, depending on your organisation’s needs and capacity.

How do you get accreditation? What happens during accreditation process? What are the steps to the accreditation process?
Advantage Accreditation uses a simple, four-step process:

1. Centre Approval
Our team will visit you on site to ensure you are equipped to carry out training. We will discuss any changes or improvements you need to make, and support you in making these improvements.

2. Trainer Approval
You will need to register your trainers with us. This often involves staff at your organisation completing a Train the Trainer course. We will ensure staff have sufficient subject knowledge and teaching skills.

3. Select Courses
This works differently depending on whether you are creating your own bespoke courses. If so, our Curriculum Team will check every detail of your learning materials to ensure they are of a high standard. If not, you can use our own awards. These are already accredited and used by many of our approved centres.

4. Deliver Accredited Training
After this, you can begin training. We will continue to support you through our online portal. Here, you can arrange training, view reports, and create certificates featuring our stamp of approval.

If you have any questions about the process of gaining accreditation, please get in touch with our team today.