Purpose of CPD

What is the purpose of CPD?
CPD, or Continuing Professional Development, allows individuals to gain and develop essential skills, knowledge and experiences which aid them in becoming proficient in their profession. CPD is something an individual will continue throughout their career, allowing them to progress to future employment within their sector.

What are the benefits of CPD?
CPD provides countless benefits for individuals, including:
-Demonstrating and developing self-improvement
-Growing knowledge and learning new skills
-Increased ability to perform well at work
-Ability to stay up to date with your company’s way of working
-Demonstrating that your company is committed to supporting staff
-Provides employees with a greater sense of professional direction

How do I know if my certificate is CPD?
A CPD certificate will include the name of attendee, the name of the CPD provider and the title of the training course of lecture. It should also include the organisation providing the CPD, the date and the number of CPD hours. Our CPD accredited centres can access certificates with our CPD approved logo.

How do I get my CPD certificate?
After participating in a CPD training course or lecture, all attendees should be given a CPD Certificate of Attendance by the CPD provider, including all the relevant information on the attendee, the CPD provider and the course itself.

How do CPD credits work?
CPD credits, or CPD points, equate to hours of active learning (1 CPD credit is equal to 1 hour of active learning). Active learning refers to the actual time spent learning relevant content for an individual CPD course. It is necessary for attendees to record their CPD points after a course in order to track their personal development, as well as for the employer’s records. Certain employers may set annual CDP credit requirements for their employees.

Is CPD certification free?
We provide CDP accreditation at different prices based on the number of courses you have accredited. We offer monthly memberships following a set-up fee of £400.

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