Train the Trainer

What is a Train the Trainer course?
A Train the Trainer course will allow members of your team to become accredited trainers and provide high quality training of their own. A Train the Trainer course will provide the necessary knowledge and skills needed to deliver effective training to other adults within a specific field of work, and provide prospective trainers with an accredited training qualification, enhancing their credibility.

Why do we need Train the Trainer?
Train the Trainer courses are vital in ensuring the quality of training provided is high and that participants can maximise the benefits of partaking in these courses. Train the Trainer courses can be delivered in-house, saving money and time training staff, and provide trainers with dual branded certificates, showing that they have the necessary skills to deliver training and allowing trainers to stand out in this competitive market.

What skills do trainers need?
It is essential that trainers have a broad knowledge of the course they are going to be teaching, including extended knowledge of surrounding subjects to allow them to explain any concepts in detail. There also are many other skills useful to a trainer, including:
-Strong communication skills
-Confident delivery and good presentation skills
-Ability to craft specific feedback for each participant
-A passion and enthusiasm towards the course they are teaching
And many more.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a trainer?
Trainers should:
-Come equipped with presentations and learning materials for courses
-Form individual feedback for course participants and be capable of evaluating student performance
-Communicate well with students to improve their course for future students
-Be prepared to answer a variety of questions relating to their course, including specific skills-based questions and more general questions in relation to the topic of the course

What are 3 important characteristics of a trainer?
The core characteristics of a proficient trainer are as follows:
-A vast knowledge relating to their specific course and other related topics – This knowledge should be in-depth to allow the trainer to answer questions and explain in detail any skills or concepts involved.
-Very strong communication and presentation skills – It’s important not only that the content of the course is thorough, but that the information is presented in a concise and easily understandable way, that allows the students to get the best from the course. It is also essential that the trainer can communicate well with students to answer any questions and ensure they leave the course with a strong understanding.
-Flexibility and creativity – The course should be individual to the trainer’s company and interest the attendees. It should be immersive and place importance on the skills and experience gained and not just the content-based aspect of the course.

How can I be good at training?
Train the Trainer courses provide accreditation, making sure trainers have the necessary knowledge and providing training in presentation skills ensuring they give high quality training on their courses. Sign up online to learn more about becoming an accredited trainer.