Diabetes Week 2023

Diabetes Week 2023 takes place 12th-18th June 2023. The annual event, organised by Diabetes UK, aims to raise awareness and support those living with diabetes.

Advantage Accreditation specialises in training for Health and Social Care staff. This article demonstrates how the public can support those with diabetes.

Support networks are vital for those living with diabetes. Diabetes comes with a range of physical and emotional challenges. People with diabetes are 20% more likely to experience anxiety compared to people without the condition (CDC). If you have a friend or family member with diabetes, consider how you can support them. This doesn’t need to be physical support, monitoring diets or administering medication. Rather, we recommend thinking of ways to ease the burden. On days when they feel unwell, you could take on the school run, help with housework, or simply be present and listen. In some locations, specific diabetic support groups may be available.

Those with diabetes will likely rely on care, medication and technologies for the rest of their lives. In the UK, those with lower incomes are more likely to experience long-term health conditions (Kingsfund). It is vital that care continues to be affordable for those with low incomes to treat diabetes. One way to support those with diabetes is to advocate and campaign for affordable healthcare. Those with diabetes often need breaks to self-administer medication and it is important this is not stigmatised. Employers should create an inclusive atmosphere that meets diabetic employees’ care needs.

If you know someone with diabetes, it may help to become familiar with their emergency procedures. If appropriate, talk to them about their needs and prepare to help if they experience low or high blood sugar.

Advantage Accreditation offers a Level 2 Award in Diabetes training course. If you would like to become an accredited training centre to deliver this course, please enquire online or call 020 7405 9999.

Diabetes UK will host several events and campaigns during Diabetes Week. Visit the Diabetes UK website to see what they have planned.