Carers Week 2023 takes place from 5th to 11th June. Every year, this event aims to raise awareness of the challenges faced by unpaid carers across the country. In 2023, the week will once again provide an opportunity to acknowledge and support those in unpaid caring roles.

This is a vital role in our country. Without the work of unpaid carers, there would be extreme strain on our NHS. The current annual NHS budget is £159 billion, while the estimated value of care is £162 billion per year (University of Sheffield). To meet care needs without unpaid carers, the NHS would need more than double their budget.


Here are only a few challenges facing unpaid carers in 2023:


Rising Cost of Living

With the present cost of living crisis, 14% of unpaid carers are unable to pay their utility bills. 5% of unpaid carers are relying on food banks. This data comes from Carers UK, which continues to campaign for better provision for unpaid carers.


Mental Health

Many unpaid carers have extra responsibilities beyond providing care. These often include work, education, childcare and housekeeping. The majority of carers struggle to manage their stress. 70% say caring has a negative impact on their mental and physical health (Care Quality Commission, 2022).


Lack of Support

Carers often go to their local authority for support. In 2021 only 27% of carers who requested support actually received any (The Health Foundation). Without respite care, counselling and other types of support, carers’ roles grow more and more challenging.


Organisations throughout the UK will host various events to raise awareness during Carers Week 2023. Find out what you can do in this online resource.


Do you know an outstanding unpaid carer?

We invite you to celebrate the carers in your life. Send them a token of your appreciation, offer some support, or post about them on social media using #CarersWeek.