The Circuit, the UK’s national defibrillator network, maps public access defibrillators. This map is used by 999 call handlers to help callers locate their nearest defibrillator. Alongside the Resuscitation Council UK (RCUK), British Heart Foundation (BHF), St John Ambulance and the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE), we encourage you to register any defibrillation devices you have with The Circuit. Click here to register.

The UK sees over 30,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of hospital every year. Only 3,000 of these people survive. Defibrillators are used in less than 10% of cardiac arrest cases outside of hospital. As immediate CPR and defibrillation can more than double the chance of survival, use of defibrillators could save an extra 3,000 lives per year.

Thanks to The Circuit, 50,000 devices are now registered. All 14 UK ambulance services are using The Circuit and can direct 999 callers to their nearest public access defibrillator using this map. However, this is only half of the estimated 100,000 defibrillators in the UK.

If you have a defibrillator available to the public, register it here.

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