Insights and Initiatives from Skills for Care

In an ever-changing sector like Health and Social Care, it is important to stay up to date on the needs of care workers and those they support.

Here are some key updates from Skills for Care, published in recent months…

The New Care Workforce Pathway

Launched 10th January 2024, the pathway directs care workers in their career development. Read our guidance on the Care Workforce Pathway here. 

In collaboration with the Department of Health and Social Care, Skills for Care is moving on to the next phase of the new pathway. This phase focuses on the roles of Deputy Managers and Registered Managers. You can have your say on this, as managers are invited to share their thoughts and collaborate with Skills for Care.

Registered and Deputy Managers are invited to complete a 30-minute survey to share their own perspectives. The survey closes on 13th May, so make sure you have your say before then. Access the survey here.

If you have any additional insights or queries, you can contact [email protected]

Findings on Race Equality

Skills for Care recently published findings related to the Social Care Workforce Race Equality Standard (SC-WRES). This aims to bring about systemic change to combat race inequality in the social care workforce.

Key findings showed that care workers from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds were more likely to enter the formal disciplinary process or fitness-to-practice process and experience harassment, bullying or abuse at work compared to white staff. 

In response, many local authorities have introduced evidence-based action plans with the aim to improve race equality for care workers. 

We strongly encourage any managers to contribute to the survey and make your voice heard. Let’s work together to make sure all care workers are represented and able to thrive in their careers.