Do you dream of being a private paid carer for pensioners while their unpaid family carers catch up on other priorities? This article covers what you'll need to start your business. You'll learn why Pershore is particularly good for private carers, what your clients expect, and how to market yourself effectively.

Is Pershore a Good Place to Be a Paid Carer?
Garrington ranks Pershore 21 out of 1,372 places to live. The affluent town has more pensioners than the 18.3% the Office for National Statistics estimates reside in Worcestershire in 2022. It's also 15 minutes from Evesham, the most popular town in the United Kingdom for well-to-do retirees. Consequently, Pershore's above-average number of pensioners with disposable income makes it ideal for paid carers.

What You Need to Be a Paid Carer
UK private paid carers aren't legally required to hold qualifications. However, potential clients will expect you to have a level 2 or 3 diploma in health and social care at least. You'll also need to register with the Care Quality Commission unless you're a self-employed carer who doesn't deputize work while you're away (such as on holiday). Additionally, you must have public liability insurance, and it's prudent to have other insurance covering less common possibilities, such as allegations of abuse or theft.

What Type of Services Can You Offer?
Private paid carers provide an array of non-medical services. They typically include help with:

• Getting in and out of bed
• Dressing and washing
• Using the toilet

• Preparing meals and drinks
• Managing medicines
• Shopping

• Collecting prescriptions and pensions
• Traveling to social events
• Housekeeping and laundry

The type of services you provide should reflect your experience and qualifications, as you'll be able to support your offering when questioned by potential clients.

Starting a Business
Starting a business presents challenges but is rewarding. You'll have more control of your working hours and income and be able to develop one-on-one relationships with your clients. A major decision you'll make early on is choosing your company model. There are four basic types:

• Self-employed (Sole Trader)
• Limited company

• Partnership
• Limited liability partnership

A business plan helps you determine the most appropriate company model. It also helps you monitor every aspect of starting your business, as well as being crucial if you apply for funding. You can create one from scratch or use a template.

Marketing Your Business Through Social Media
Marketing your new business through social media is a cost-effective way to get your first clients. Your social media presence must look professional, as families are less likely to employ someone using a personal account. For example, you can upload PDF files with details of your services and prices as well as reports and other vital information to your Facebook business page (there are guides online that can teach you the steps to uploading a PDF). A benefit to this approach is potential clients will already have read this information before contacting you. Therefore, you won't waste valuable time repeatedly sending the same information to people who might never respond.

Launching Your Private Paid Carer Business
To be a successful private paid carer in Pershore, create a detailed business plan and professional social media accounts. Also, pursue awards from training companies approved by Advantage Accreditation, as this enhances your prospects with potential clients.

Author: Andrea Needham at Elders Day