CPD Across the World

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses are one of the best ways to improve your skill set and, as a by-product, boost your job prospects in today’s ever-increasingly competitive job market. CPD certificates are recognised as valuable attributes of employees to employers nowadays. Many employers will look for accredited CPD courses on a prospective employee’s application. Your current employer may even outline a specific requirement for CPD points you must, or are advised to, obtain annually, or throughout your career. Essential or not, CPD courses remain advantageous for individuals to get ahead in their professional role.


Is CPD internationally recognised?

Many CPD courses have been accredited in several countries across the globe, making them a useful asset for those wishing to work outside of the UK. CPD courses with accreditation from a trustworthy accreditation provider are much more likely to be valued by international organisations. However, CPD recognition ultimately depends on your specific employer, so it is best to verify the validity of your completed CPD courses with the establishment you are applying to, to ensure the courses you have completed are beneficial to your role or future role with the company.


CPD in the UK and Ireland

CPD is recognised and respected as a favourable qualification by over 1000 institutes across the UK and Ireland. Many businesses and organisations in the UK now require their employees to complete a set number of CPD courses due to its skill-enhancing nature.  In the UK and Ireland, these courses can be completed via online and in-person seminars, lectures or conferences, or through more practical approaches, including workshops, in-house training, mentoring and various events.


Is CPD recognised in the USA?

A similar qualification is used in the US: Continuing Education (CE) or Continuing Professional Education (CPE), as well as industry specific classification such as Continuing Medical Education (CME), Continuing Legal Education (CLE), etc. These qualifications are slightly different from CPD in that they are generally post-secondary learning for adults wishing to expand their knowledge after formal education, whereas CPD focuses on professional skills surrounding management, communication and similar topics. CPD points can be transferred into CPE points, meaning CPD courses completed in the UK (or via a UK provider) are still beneficial to those who go on to work in the US. Furthermore, CE courses are like CPD in that they are often requirements for professionals, particularly in certain industries.


Is CPD recognised in Australia and New Zealand?

In Australia and New Zealand, a similar system is followed to that in the UK and Ireland. There are many CPD schemes led in these countries with similar requirements and outcomes to CPD courses in the UK. CPD is also a highly valued practice here, and there are several opportunities and various methods through which to complete this training across the region.


CPD elsewhere in the world

Following CPD’s growth in the UK, many other countries are beginning to recognise the importance of CPD and similar courses. In Africa, CPD is an emerging practice, with some UK providers already delivering courses in this continent. Similarly, there is an increasing demand for CPD training in the Middle East- many of the practices already taking place in this region reflect UK CPD practices. We have a number of CPD accredited centres based in the Middle East already.


Are online CPD courses internationally recognised?

In the past, many professional bodies have been hesitant to accept online training as a form of CPD. However, accreditation allows for the reliability in these courses that employers are seeking. Online courses are ideal for post-university students, as well as industry professionals desiring to get ahead and gain experience in their respective industry. Online courses are convenient and easily accessible. Online and distance learning qualifications are often only recognised internationally if these courses are accredited. Therefore, it is advisable to engage in CPD material which has been accredited by a competent external body.


In summary, CPD qualifications or equivalent are recognised internationally, across several continents. Although in some countries, qualifications may go by a different name or have a slightly different focus, such as CPE and CE courses in the USA, these qualifications can be equated to CPD points, or vice versa. This makes CPD courses the perfect way to acquire valuable knowledge, skills and experience to aid you throughout your career, including for individuals interested in working internationally. If you are still unsure if your current or future employer accepts your completed CPD courses, it is best to check with your employers themselves. We are more than happy to answer any questions, so please contact us.

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