Every Second Counts

When it comes to saving lives, every second counts. However, recent findings from Resuscitation Council UK show disparities in CPR training and access to defibrillators (Every Second Counts – Tackling Inequalities in Resuscitation Across the UK).

At Advantage Accreditation, we are dedicated to ensuring high-quality training in first aid and other areas. We support the Resus Council’s recommendations to improve survival rates from out-of-hospital cardiac arrests (OHCA).

The report found only 38% of adults have received CPR training, with lower rates among ethnic minorities and residents of cardiac arrest hotspots. Language, culture and socio-economic factors contribute to these inequalities. The Resus Council’s recommendations are carefully tailored to address problems in specific sectors and locations. 


These recommendations include:

Collaboration between governments to fund a public awareness campaign during ‘Restart a Heart‘ month in October.

Ensuring all students receive CPR training before leaving school. 

Including CPR training in driving tests.

Continuing collection of OHCA data to inform targeted interventions.

Establishing the Resus Council’s ‘Save A Life Northern Ireland’ to boost cardiac arrest survival rates.

Providing additional defibrillators in locations with more OHCA incidences.

Registering defibrillators on The Circuit and keeping these accessible to the public.

Targeting CPR training for underrepresented groups, such as jobseekers, e.g. through online ‘Lifesaver’ training.


These recommendations emphasise the importance of collaboration between governments, educational institutions, and the private sector. By implementing these measures, we can work towards everyone having the knowledge and resources to save lives in critical moments.

If you are interested in providing accredited first aid training, please contact Advantage Accreditation