Every year, millions of people lose their lives to hepatitis. World Hepatitis Day (WHD) takes place on 28th July each year.

In 2023, WHD’s theme is “We’re not waiting” to end hepatitis. People living with viral hepatitis cannot afford to wait for testing and life-saving treatments. WHD aims to eradicate stigma and demand political and societal action.

What is viral hepatitis?

Viral hepatitis is liver inflammation caused by five different viruses. They have different ways of spreading, including contaminated food and water and body fluids. They can cause short-term and long-term disease.

What can you do to help?

Get involved with WHD. Pledge your support online today. Various campaign materials are available to adapt and download. Most importantly, you can find out your own hepatitis status. Schedule an appointment with your GP or a sexual health clinic. They will assess your situation and decide the next steps for you.

Prevention in Health and Social Care

Advantage Accreditation provides training materials in Infection Control and Prevention. Through high-quality, externally verified training, care staff can protect themselves against viral hepatitis.

If you would like to deliver this training, please contact Advantage Accreditation.